Looking for a place to catch the best shows and productions? Nikki De Graaf Company is a leading Female Dance Company based in Arnhem that has been dazzling audiences with magical productions since 2015. Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, or for some good old entertainment, Nikki de Graaf Company is best bet for a nice night out in town. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy here, including top of the line productions at very reasonable prices. Swing by today and prepare to be entertained!

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"Physical movements, exhaustion, theatre, text and humor are very characteristic for the work of Nikki de Graaf."  - Visitor NDGC

With her work as a choreographer she loves to bring a message but leaves room for own interpetation.  She is working very hard on creating her own style and genre dance performances. When you come to a NDGC show you won't just see an extraordinairy performance, you will live it. An immersive experience or even better; a dance-venture. 

Are you interested in a collaboration, looking for workshops or you want to ask us a question? Let's get in touch! 


Engaging & Providing Opportunities

Nikki de Graaf Company was born out of a desire to entertain the community with exclusive shows and performances meant to dazzle and inspire audiences from all over. Since 2015, we’ve engaged with the local community by providing emerging artists with opportunities to participate in our productions.

It is our mission to create an inspiring home for artists. 

 Pop in today and see what we’re all about!