Artistic Director & Choreographer

Nikki de Graaf has been dancing all of her life. After finishing the pre-education of ArtEz in Arnhem in 2010, she moved to England to pursue her dance training. She graduated at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2014 with a first class honors degree. 

During her education she found a passion for choreographing. In her final year she made a mesmerizing art installation using nearly 4000 cotton balls and around 2 kilometers of thread; creating clouds.

Being creative has always been a part of Nikki de Graaf and dancing alone was not enough. Now as a choreographer and artistic director of Nikki de Graaf Company, the dance company in Arnhem, she can be her full self. 

Nikki de Graaf is working very hard to, as a choreographer in Arnhem, offer a new kind of genre performances. More then just dance but a complete experience. A Dance-Venture or Surround Theater Experience so to say.  

To come to a performance can be as awesome as a night out or a blockbuster in cinemas. Nikki de Graaf wants to prove this with her work as a choreographer. 

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