Alle dansers van NDGC op een rijtje 

Nikki De Graaf Company heeft al vele dansers gehad. Op onze 'Wall of Fame' pagina lichten wij ze allemaal uit.

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Sara Mitola

Graduated in June 2017 with a Ba Hons degree in Dance from the Institute of the Arts of Barcelona, she started dancing as an intern in the Martz Contemporary Dance Company (Spain). In summer of 2010 she danced at the "Petruzzelli Theatre" in Bari after being selected by Eleonora Abagnato, prima ballerina of Paris Opera Ballet.

Her solo is one of the three chosen to perform in Germany, in "Temperature" - a dance production by Michael Bronczkowski. She danced in the UK for the Ensemble Dance Co, in France (Paris) for Oriantheatre Dance Company, and in the Netherlands for Nikki de Graaf Company.


After dancing in ALICE with NDGC, Sara went to New York with her World Dance Movement scholarship. Currently she is choreographing for "Innan Duo", performing with ldrummer Giuseppe Sorressa. Their tour started in summer 2018 during the Rooted Moon Festival in Sardinia, Italy and is still ongoing in Italy and abroad. 


Merel Van Den Beld

During NDG i really learned why i found it so important to dance and what i want to say with my movements.


To my own suprize, I found out that my main goal is not neccesarily to be on stage. I love the thrill and really enjoyed being on stage with all the dancers in the company. However, it is not the most important for me. 


The real interest for me into movement, for me, is that it tells you who someone is. Especially the things they have been through. It gets to be captured in the body. 


So this year, I will do a small dance project made an produced by myself. Plus help with some organization for NDG and start slowly on my journey of dance therapy. 


Looking forward to see where all of these new connections will leed to and NDGC.